Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Time Travelers Wife...could I?

I watched another movie this weekend. Kodo's Dad and I had date night and Kodo's Brother was at Grandmas overnight. First thing Saturday morning, I turned on a movie so I can watch uninterrupted. Then Kodo's Dad woke up....booo. I did get to see the whole movie though.
It made me think, could I love a man who could travel through time? Here my pros and cons:
Pro: You can always hang out with the "good" one. The one that isn't in a bad mood, or stressed out all day and still early enough in the relationship that he would do anything for you (including, but not limited to: stinking up the bathroom and thinking it is funny)

Con: You could get stuck with the "bad" one most of the time only wanting the "good" one to come around more often.

Pro: The younger one is probably better looking, less hairy and vital enough to want to have fun in bed.

Con: That same guy could be hooking up with past or future chicks without you knowing. Do you think if he got genital herpes in the future he would bring it back with him in the past? Hmmmm.....

Pro: You could go for long periods at a time without having to look at him.

Con: You could go for long periods of time taking out your own trash.

Pro: He could go to the future to get winning lotto numbers and win on gambling bets.

Con: You could have a gambling addiction on your hand. (Not sure that is a bad one if you never lose, but we are going to say it is one)

I am sure I can think of more, but this is the beginning of my list. If you haven't seen it already, it really is a decent movie.

Bye for now!

Kodo's Mom

Thursday, September 9, 2010

"You are the bread to my butter and the breath to my life"

I watched Julie&Julia over the weekend. The movie helped me realize a few things about myself:

1. I should watch more movies. I really would have like to have seen that one in the theater.

2. I kinda miss cooking. I like the act of trying out new recipes and doing something different in the kitchen. I am really tired of the same old BBQ chicken and pasta with ground turkey. But who has the time?

3. I am a terrible blogger! I can't believe that she had time to work full-time, blog every day and try over 500 recipes in a year and somehow stay married. I am a total loser by those standards.

4. How much I love Kodo's Dad. Sometimes I spend more time thinking about the ways that he can change to make me happy, I forget about all the things he does and is that DO make me happy. Like how well he understands what I need before I realize I need them, and how supportive he is in any new "crazy" idea I get into my head no matter how many times I bounce from idea to idea. He gets me through my days without even realizing how much I count on him.

Kinda sappy post, I know, but the movie resonated with me a little. Very enjoyable, very cute, and Kodo's Dad even like it. :)

Til' next time,

Kodo's Mom

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My New Baby World

It occurred to me that everything I think, do, say has something to do with Kodo's brother. Wheather it is something new I have to buy him, discussing his new developmental milestones, or wondering how he is doing today in day care and whether he is taking his naps, he is all I think about.

Prior to finding out about Kodo's Brother coming along, I would go to the mall or online and buy whatever, whenever I wanted. (To an extent of course....jewelry was always an exception). After Kodo's Brother arrived, with the exception of a haircut which was badly needed, every dime I spend is on him.

In the past 9 months I have spent an absolute fortune on him. Now, I am not one of those parents who thinks we need to have the best of the best and one of everything, but if I see something that is going to make our lives easier...I am gonna buy it. Believe me, I wanted the $500 stroller, but the $300 one works just as well.

Something else I have noticed, I have been to four birthday parties this year. They were all for kids under 2. What the heck? I used to go to parties where they started at 9:00 pm and we drank until you couldn't drive and had to take a cab home. Not anymore....parties start at 1:00 and end when the birthday kid gets sugar high and everyone has to leave cause he is freaking out.

I like my new baby world, but I miss my old one a little too.

Kodo's Mom

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Day..What day?

Mother's Day was on Sunday. I expected to wake up around 10 am with a cleaned and fed baby. There would be coffee and breakfast in bed and showers of gifts. I would feel refreshed and young and beautiful and the whole day would be relaxing and stress free. That is not exactly what happened.
I woke up at 5:55 and laid in bed listening to Kodo's brother talk to himself waiting for Kodo's dad to wake up and get him. I finally went and got him at 6:15 and that started my day. I did kinda got breakfast in bed. Kodo's dad brought me coffee and toast with peanut butter. That's acceptable. 
Kodo's dad gave me a beautiful card and a necklace with all of our initials on it (which still hasn't arrived in the mail). And the day care that kodo brother is in made me a card which I love!
The rest of the day was kinda stressful. We went to my moms for brunch and we had to prep stuff for that, then I had to pack us all up to be gone for the day. I had to shop for a dress becuase I don't fit in anything I own...uugghhhhh! And when we for home I had to clean. Needless to say at the end of the day I didn't feel rested, relaxed or beautiful.
Although kodo's dad tried, I am not sure he could have lived up to my expectations of what my first motheres day should be like.
What I did learn is what mothers day must have been like for my mom. I realized that even on a day where we tried to cater to her, you can never really rest when you have five kids. That's the way it is for every mom. There is no day of rest for us but as much as we want/need it, I think we would rather be loving and taking care of the people we love. I would rather be exhausted and playing with my son that the most well rested person and not have him in my life.
I think the end lesson is that Mothers Day is not for moms. It's for the people that love their moms and need a day to remember and show them how much we appreciate them.
So here's to you Mom's who got no rest on our day! Call me if you want to meet at Happy Hour without your kids!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Sick days

Kodos brother started day care two weeks ago. He was there two days and came home with a fever. He was sick for a few days then started getting better, then I got sick. We had a nice healthy weekend and when I picked him up from day care on Tuesday they said he cried all day. Took him to the Doc in wednesday and he has and ear infection. Poor boy. Then Kodo's dad got sick. Needless to say, in a week I think I have had a total of 13 hours sleep. I'm exhausted but all I can think is I hope my little man get better soon. It makes me sad to see him so unhappy and so uncomfortable and there I'd nothing I can do. At least it's Friday...guess I cam rest tuis weekend.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Enough about babies...

Work sucks!

Don't get me wrong. I appreciate the fact that I have a job and a job that pays well. But I am now working in downtown LA and the commute is a killer. I work with three different sales people and two of the them need medication and the other is a little too laid back. Every time I try to take a day off I end up coming into the office because one of them forgot to tell me about a meeting they have that I need to prepare for.


Gotta go back to work! I'm done ranting...happier thoughts next time.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

They grow so fast...

I have a digital frame at my desk that my sis bought for me at Christmas. Of course it is loaded with pics of Kodo’s brother. He will be six months in another week and a half and it is crazy for me to look at these pics and see how fast he has been growing. Less than six months ago he was a hairy, skinny, 6lb infant, and now he is a balding, full faced baby who is sitting up on his own and trying to feed himself peas while simultaneously watching Baby Einstein and talk with a spoon in his mouth. My, time does fly!

Oh, and after nearly 6 months he finally slept through the night without being swaddled. What a little man I have!